Personality Development


               Every individual has his own characteristic way of behaving, responding to emotions, perceiving things and looking out at the globe. No two individuals are similar. You might like going out for parties but your friend might prefer staying back at reception reading his/her favourite book. it’s really not necessary that if you prefer partying around, your friend will also just like the same. Here comes the role of Personality. What a personal see in his childhood days and most significantly his/her growing days form his personality. How a personal is raised plays a crucial role in shaping his/her personality.

               Personality is nothing but the combination conglomeration of memories and incidents in an individual’s entire era. Environmental aspects, family background, financial status, genetic factors, situations and circumstances also contribute to an individual’s personality. Personality also influences what we expect, our beliefs, values and expectations. What we expect about others depends on our personality.

Determinants of Personality
Following are the Points which help in form one’s personality:

  • Heredity – Heredity refers to factors that are determined once a personal is born. An individual’s physique, attractiveness, body type, complexion, weight rely on his/her parent’s biological makeup.
  • Environment – The environment to which a personal is subjected to during his growing years plays a crucial role in determining his/her personality. the numerous cultures during which we are brought up and our family backgrounds have a vital role in shaping our personalities.
  • Situation – An individual’s personality also changes with current incidents and situations. a private would behave during a different way when he has enough savings with him and his behaviour would automatically change when he’s bankrupt.
Importance of Personality Development.  

       “Personalities aren’t born, they’re forged.” It is a process that needs time and diligent efforts. We are what we do and what we surround ourselves with. The ideas we take from the globe become us and later, decide our success. within the current era of endless opportunities and ever-increasing competition, it’s extremely important to figure on one’s own personality. Only good grades won’t ensure success. an ideal balance between academic excellence and exquisite soft skills is quintessential.

          People don’t know the importance of Personality Development. This is due to the shortage of counselling and guidance. Many Indian students have low self-confidence and are frightened of speech making. This results in poor performance in college and job interviews. Most of the faculties in India don’t provide self development training to students. Such programs are useful and help students to figure on their latent skills. Areas like visual communication, confidence building, speech making, idea generation, creative and important thinking etc. Should be taught at college level as they’re tested once a private starts his career. It’s not something to be taken without any consideration and its importance should be taught to students from a really young age.

       Personality Development is taken into account to be one such need which helps people improve their skills and develop them on a private and professional level. Having an excellent personality includes the dressing, better grooming, speech of an individual, their interpersonal skills, etc. regardless of where an individual goes or what career plans they choose, if they don’t have a far better self, they’re going to always lack behind among others.


Mr. Vijay Bankar

        He is working as a Consultant of Human Potential Development & Motivational Speaker from the year 2000 in Various sector with his Effective team. One such sector is Personality Development. It helps one recognize the personality traits, formation and essential contribution in the world of business. His course makes the students enlightened about the various dynamics of self development.
The course aims to teach you several topics including:
1. Developing Creativity:
         – Mind mapping
         – Brainstorming
         – Confronting negative thoughts
         – Improve memory

2. Organizing Skills:
         – Efficiently organize time
         – How to set Priorities
         – How to achieve deadlines in an organization

3. Negotiation Skills

4. Interpersonal skills

5. Communication skills

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