Emotional Intelligence

          Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to tap into your emotions and use them to form your life better. Being in-tuned together with your feelings allows you to manage stress levels and communicate effectively with people, two skills that enhance your life both personally and professionally. Unlike IQ, which remains constant throughout your life, EQ are often developed and honed over time. The concept of “Emotional Intelligence” could seem surprising because it mixes two concepts that are usually used to be opposed. The word “intelligence” which set the capacity of reasoning and analysing and The word “emotion” which refers to the first reactions that are difficult to regulate in certain situations.

          Emotional Intelligence is a sort of intelligence that involves the power to regulate one’s feelings and emotions and people of others, to differentiate between them and to use that information to guide one’s thoughts and actions.  Emotional intelligence is our ability to find out various practical skills that are supported five components: self-awareness, self-motivation, self-control of emotions, empathy and harmonization mastery of human relationships.


Emotional Intelligence starts with Self-Awareness.


           While many of us believe we aren’t emotional beings, a better look makes us realize that we live in a continuing spirit – sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, and sometimes disappointed – but always operating in an spirit on some level. That’s where self-awareness comes in. Leading people isn’t about how smart you’re or whether you’ve got the foremost knowledge or best ideas. it’s about how you handle pressure and the way well connected to the emotions that drive people’s behaviour.

           Emotional Intelligence (also referred to as EI or EQ) is your ability to observe and manage your emotions, further as understand and influence the emotions of others. People with high emotional intelligence don’t let their emotions drive their actions or decisions. They recognize when their emotions are close to dive off the deep end, and, most significantly, they skills to reign in those emotions in order that they don’t negatively affect anyone else. Emotional Intelligence are some things that comes with being human, a minimum of to a point. Some people are born with a high degree of emotional intelligence, while others struggle to know why they feel the way they are doing, and can’t seem to understand when somebody else has a nasty day. The good news is that although emotional intelligence may be a collection of personality traits, they’re all traits which will be strengthened with practice and discipline. This suggests that each one of us can work to enhance our EQ.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence :-

  • Greater Job Satisfaction and Performance
  • Better Relationships
  • Better Self-Control
  • Less Workplace Stress
  • More Happiness

How to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence?

  • Know Thyself
  • Focus on Others
  • Strengthen Your Listening Skills
  • Admit Your Mistakes
  • Take a Deep Breath and Think
  • Stop Judging
  • Analyse Your Friendships
  • Identify Your Goals
  • Take an EQ Test


Mr. Vijay Bankar

       He is working as a Consultant of Human Potential Development and Motivational Speaker from year 2000 in Various Sector with his Effective Team. In addition, Emotional Intelligence is one of the sector in which he working. He knows how to give an excellent keynote on emotional intelligence. He keeps the audiences involved through his communal sessions and leaves a marvellous presence which keeps the audiences stay motivated in the workplaces. He is well-known for his potential to serve his audiences. He has since become one of leading resource person who equates happiness with success.

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than one’s Intelligence (IQ) in attaining success in their lives and careers. As individuals our success and the success of the profession today depend on our ability to read other people’s signals and react appropriately to them. “Your EQ is the level of your ability to acknowledge other people, what inspire them and how to work cooperatively with them”.

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