Skill Development

Skill Development efforts across the country are highly fragmented thus far. Though India enjoys the demographic advantage of getting the youngest workforce with a mean age of 29 years as compared with the advanced economies, as against the developed countries, where the share of skilled workforce is between 60% and 90% of the entire workforce, India records a coffee 5% of workforce (20-24 years) with formal employ ability skills. With this education, and skill levels of these already within the labor force being very low, it might be a serious challenge for India to reap its demographic advantage. This challenge becomes enormous because the recent studies indicate that employers found almost 25% of Indian graduates are, ‘employable’ within the organized sector.

 The informal sector which comprises 93% of the workforce has no skilling mechanism because the skill development takes place on the work. So, there’s a requirement for quick reorganization of the skill development ecosystem and therefore, the promotion of which is important to suit to the requirements of the industry to make sure enhancement of lifetime of the population. India would surely rise to be the Human Resource . The Capital of the planet by appropriately skilling its youth bulge and convert its advantage into a dividend.

Skill development initiatives will help actualize the inert potential, that development and articulation of a national policy on skill development is already ongoing . As India moves progressively towards becoming a worldwide knowledge economy, it must meet the rising aspirations of its youth. This will be partially achieved through specialize in advancement of skills that are relevant to the emerging economic environment. The challenge pertains not only to an enormous quantitative expansion in skill training for the youth, but also to the far more important task of raising their quality. With a goal to make opportunities, space, and scope for the event of the skills of the Indian youth.

Mr. Vijay Bankar

He is working as a very Good Consultant of Skill Development & Motivational Speaker from the year 2000 in Various sector with his Effective team.It helps one recognize the personality traits, formation and essential contribution in the world of business. His course makes the students enlightened about the various dynamics of self development. 

Skill development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive.Communication skills are the abilities you use when giving and receiving different kinds of information. Some examples include communicating new ideas, feelings or even an update on your project. Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathising.

Skill Development refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. Programmer vary massively in complexity, cost and style of teaching. Coaching and mentoring are two forms of development often used to guide and develop leaders.

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