Soft Skill Development

                Soft Skills are interpersonal skills which are used to describe your approach to life, work, and relationships with people . Unlike hard skills, these aren’t professional job-specific skills like accountancy, graphics designing, etc. Interpersonal Skills are your unique point which provides you a competitive edge over others within the workplace and in life. Other names given to soft skills are people skills, interpersonal skills, and social skills. Soft skills comprise of personal attributes, communication skills and talents, and personality traits which differentiate people with similar hard-skill-set from one another .
Some samples of Interpersonal Skills are:

  •  Communication Skills
  •  Leadership
  •  Work Ethic
  •  Creative Problem Solving
  •  Time management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team player

Why are soft skills important?
              Most interactions with people require some level of Interpersonal Skills. At a company you would possibly be negotiating to win a replacement contract, presenting your new idea to colleagues, networking for a replacement job, and so on. We use Interpersonal Skills a day at work and developing these soft skills will assist you win more business and accelerate your career progression.
 On the opposite hand, a scarcity of sentimental skills can limit your potential, or maybe be the downfall of your business. By developing strong leadership, delegation, teamwork, and communication abilities, you’ll run projects more smoothly, deliver results that please everyone, and even positively influence your personal life by improving how you interact with others.

             Outside of the office, interpersonal skills like communication are wont to build friendship groups and meet potential partners. you would possibly be negotiating the worth of your new house renovation, or mentoring your neighbours children on the weekend. Interpersonal Skills are important both in our professional and personal lives. The importance of soft skills development is increasing with everyday. interpersonal skills are personal traits, suggesting how cordially and effectively you interact with others. Also known as people skills, interpersonal skills play a very crucial role, especially in the corporate world. Hence, soft skills development is becoming an integral part on the professional front.


Mr. Vijay Bankar

           He is working as a Consultant of Human Potential Development & Motivational Speaker from the year 2000 in Various sectors with his Effective team. Soft Skills Development is one of the sector in which he dominates and influence the public. He is widely recognized for his contribution in Soft Skill Development. Soft Skill Development is important to the success of most employers. Ultimately, nearly every job requires employees to engage with others in some way. Soft skills are particularly crucial in Client-based jobs. These employees are in direct contact with Clients. It takes several soft skills to be able to listen to a Client and provide that Client with helpful and polite service.
     His Soft Skills Development course comprise a pleasant and engaging personality traits such as self-confidence, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, civility, flexibility, geniality and last but not the least effective communication skills. He has developed many innovative & dynamic program to create very progressive and healthy work force for many organization and individuals. All programs are designed & based on PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY & EQ THEORY with Spiritually to boost efficiency and to increase effectiveness of participants.  ( Soft Skill Development )

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