माझ्याविषयी काहीतरी

I’m working as an Consultant of Human Potential Development and Motivational Speaker since year 2000 in Various Sector with my Effective Team. I have been developing and successfully implementing many innovative, result oriented, potent & dynamic programs to create very progressive and healthy work force for many organization and individuals. All programs are designed & based on Practical Psychology & Emotional Intelligence Theory with Spiritually to boost efficiency and to increase effectiveness of participants.

कार्यशाळेच्या मूलभूत थीम्स

लोकांना शारीरिक, बौद्धिक आणि भावनिक पातळीवर प्रभावीपणे कार्य करण्यास प्रोत्साहित करण्यासाठी. 

तेथील कामांसाठी लोकांची अंतर्गत शक्ती वाढवून लोकांना मदत देणे. 

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